The King James 1611 Fundraising Program

King James Bible 1611

A unique fundraising program for ministries

The King James 1611 Fundraising Program is a unique opportunity for 2011 and is being offered on a semi-exclusive basis to select ministries.

400-year anniversary of the King James Bible

First printed in 1611, the King James Bible was a milestone in Church history and the culmination of the Reformation in England.  Perhaps no Bible translation in history has had such a far-reaching impact, and it was influential in the formation of a new nation founded on Biblical principles.

Since 1993, The Ancient Page (now has spread a love for God’s Word with beautifully framed Reformation Bible leaves, and has worked with ministries including the American Bible Society, CBN/700 Club and John Hagee Ministries on successful fundraising programs.

CBN 700 Club
Fundraising Success Story

We were honored to be a part of a multi-channel fundraising program at CBN, helping them raise funds for the 700 Club ministry and world relief efforts around the world. The program included premiums for three donor levels, including framed First Edition King James pages for major donors. The major donor program was their most successful major donor campaign up to that time.










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