Church Displays - A rare treasure in your church foyer

church foyer King James display

A church foyer is a great place to display a framed Bible leaf from, spreading a love and appreciation for God’s Word each Sunday and throughout the week.  Just as the Bible has been shared and translated from generation to generation throughout Church history, your church can have a genuine piece of that history on display.  

As the Church celebrates the 400-year anniversary of the King James Bible, consider a framed First Edition King James leaf from a 1611 King James Bible fragment.  These leafs were salvaged from a partially destroyed 1611 “she” Bible, and have been beautifully preserved in museum quality framing.  There is a limited supplies, and favorite verses are going fast.  Is your favorite verse available?

The history of the Bible continues today in your church as generations in your congregation are taught the Bible and continue following Christ.  For over 15 years we have been creating beautiful displays for churches, ministry offices, and Christian-owned businesses.  Whether you select one framed Bible leaf, or a small collection, we can assist you in creating a beautiful display.

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