Launches - Formerly The Ancient Page

Since 1993, The Ancient Page has made individual leaves (pages) of 16th and 17th century Reformation Bibles, early manuscripts including Hebrew, Latin and Greek, and other artifacts available to collectors, ministries, churches, and individual Christians as beautifully framed works of art. 

In January, 2011 we are relaunching on-line as is a unique Christian website that celebrates the history of the Bible, showcases historic Christian artwork, and spreads a love and appreciation for God’s Word.  The site will commerate the legacy of the King James Bible throughout 2011 with special art and Bible history exhibits.

The Museum Store features beautifully framed Bible pages dating from the 13th through the 17th century which come from fragments of books whose bindings have not survived the ravages of time. The Bible pages we are offering are all in remarkable condition and rich in the “olde English” language.  Each page is carefully handled and preserved using only the highest museum quality matting and custom framing to preserve them for generations to come at surprisingly affordable prices. When you place an order, each Bible page will come with a beautiful custom frame, custom matting and/or gold fillets, archival mounting using 100% cotton rag acid free mats, a certificate of authenticity, a facsimile of the Bible’s title page and an engraved brass plate showing the Bible version and date.

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